Ava "Indigo" Jasco

Ava "Indigo" Jasco

Bohater frakcji Brotherhood

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Born to an affluent Capitol family, Ava Jasco wanted for nothing growing up. She was a spoiled child and ceaselessly tormented her servants and staff. At the age of thirteen, her sight began to fail and she began to exhibit signs of being ‘different’. Her parents, fearful and faithful followers of the Cardinal, took her to see their local missionary, who immediately recognized her condition not as being corrupted by the Dark Symmetry, but as slowly being infused by the Light. Against her tantrums and protests, she was left in the care of the Brotherhood. Over the next few months, her vision continued to diminish, but what replaced it was truly remarkable. She could no longer make out details or read, but if she focused, she was able to see objects clearly as far away as three miles. Losing her sight, but gaining an extraordinary power did not curb her haughtiness, in fact, it seemed to make her temper even worse.

Do malowania figurek polecamy Farbki, Pędzelki i Spray'e firmy Citadel.


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